Junior Tennis at Shadow Valley

Junior Tennis

Junior Program

Our Shadow Valley Junior Program is age division classes that run for six week periods throughout the year.  They are a fun way to introduce the beginner tennis player in all age ranges to the world of tennis, to the intermediate building on overall play and learning the in's and out's of match play, to the tournament player improving everything from basic strokes to strategic play.

Below are the class names, ages and descriptions:

Ankle Biters-For ages 3-4, this class places an emphasis on hand eye coordination and fun.  Ankle Biters will learn the basic strokes, parts of the court, and the drills that will be the cornerstone of their development.

Sprouts-This class, for ages 5-6, is focused on fun and the fundamentals.  Sprouts will begin to explore court movement and footwork while continuing to improve their strokes.

Young Guns-These 7-11 year olds are working to become match ready.  Guns will run through footwork drills and begin to apply their strokes to match play.  Young Guns will learn basic strategies for singles and doubles and will begin to expand their shot selection.  Beginners are also welcomed into this age range.  They will be with other juniors at their level and learn the basics.

Smashers-The 12 and up class are mostly tournament players at this point and work on stroke production, footwork, strategy and point play.  Beginners are also welcomed into the Smashers.